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She is curious about movement, its dynamics and its organicity. She is interested in the effectiveness and efficiency of the body in moving alone and with others. She moved physically with the physical attraction of the Earth and in physical relationship with others, letting each encounter create a unique, detailed and inspiring dance. The internal and external dialogue intertwine, creating the dance and giving information about the world.



He was born in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina, where he trained as a dancer, choreographer and Tango teacher.

In 2005 he began his trip through Europe, settling in Spain. He working as a tango teacher in: Spain, Germany, Italy, France, Holland and Norway.

Alejandro seeks to reflect the personality of his dance and his artistic search in each of his events. Dedicated to the research of improvisation, he dabbles in the study of other dances and their philosophies, such as contemporary dance, Contact Improvisation, ballet and Chi-kung. Integrating this new knowledge into his dance and always staying curious so as not to stop learning. + info:




Studies in various dance techniques. Since 1998 she has dedicated herself completely to tango as a dancer, teacher and event organizer, based in Barcelona, moving around Europe and America, teaching intensive classes and participating in tango and ContacTango events.

Her work in tango is always influenced by all the techniques that she has experienced and especially by the CI that she has been studying and practicing in parallel with the same intensity and passion.


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