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Yves Bourguet


According to El Giócher dance is a way to play, so his musical suggestions are like a playground full of a wide ranging of emotions and surprises. For this reason his eclectic selection includes traditional tango from all periods and world music that can be danced inside the embrace of tango.
By listening the mood and the ambient in the dance floor, he leads and follows the dancers movement, just like as he was dancing with all of them.
He plays in milongas since 2007. In Rome he was one of the organizers and DJ resident at the milonga Kriminal. Currently he organizes and plays with other friends at milonga del Notariat in Barcelona. He has been invited in several milongas and festivals in Italy, France, Spain, Germany and Holland. He’s part of the Sulle Rive del Tango collective (

Dario Obiols


Porteño and Dancer, Darío dazzles on the dance floor with his energetic and tango style. He performed in more than one hundred milongas during his long career.

Known in milongas as "La locomotive del tango" he lives up to his nickname advancing pure tango on marathon tracks and European milongas. In the traditional style, tango knows how to make us travel in the vast world that the 2x4 has, taking us like a caress from the soft and rhythmic to the rhythmic and fast of this dance... In his words "It goes from the most delicate whisper to absolute power ".


Sergio Grispello


Sergio Grispello aka Dj Woodleg The Chef, began to make music in Naples, his city of origin, in 2004 with the Sulle Rive de Tango project, which he co-founded together with other crazy people and visionaries of the collective.

Since 2007 he has been playing music in Barcelona where he currently resides.

He has worked in many festivals, milongas, illegal tango party and Marathon between Spain, Italy, France and Germany.

In 2018 he founded, with his colleagues Dj Oker and Dj El Giócher, the Milonga del Notariat in Barcelona.

His DJ sets are alternative and mystical, always with a careful look at the milonga and especially the dancers.

Tango, Neo tango, Nu tango, No tango and the powerful and fresh young orchestras.

He is now back on track with a lot of desire to make dance his new sounds and his great successes.

Alejandro Gonzalez


Teacher, DJ and organizer. Dj with the soul of a dancer and a lover of tango since adolescence, he goes through his tandas looking at the dance floor, taking us like a caress from the soft and rhythmic to the rhythmic and fast beats of this dance.

From the traditional to the alternative, he has created music in milongas in Argentina, Spain, France, Hoylanda, Italy and Uruguay.

In marathons and events like TangoNeta!, Taboe Tango Camp, Manchame, Tarbes en Tango.

He currently organizes Explotango Marathon

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