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The work is based on the vision of tango as an improvisation dance. From both technical and perceptive training, we seek to create a spontaneous dialogue in which we take into account both the relationship with the other, as well as the group's listening. Understanding how a movement arises between two bodies in a given space-time. A space that has to be shared and a time that is expressed through music.

Touch & Tango

An invitation to find rest, openness and listening to our body towards the shared dance through touch. After a first guided entry/warm-up part, Touch & Tango offers a tango jam, with the aim of creating a space where the material worked on can be put into practice and integrated into each other's dance. The milonguera jam is dynamic and open to exploration, and we will be available to the concerns of the group.


Designed to have a guided experience through relaxation and body awareness. It is a time and a space arranged to observe our body, from our body, feel our breath, enjoy letting go and relax. Enjoy feeling and perceiving. Reconnect with the pleasure of being alive, through the power of the simple, the easy, of what already is. Conversing with the body as a door to creativity from listening and respect.

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